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At Hamilton Home Care, our foundational belief is encapsulated in our heartfelt slogan: "Caring for You at Home." We're driven by the deep conviction that exceptional Senior Care goes beyond mere service; it's a reflection of the compassion and dedication we would extend to our own family members. Our overarching mission is to provide individuals with the opportunity to experience exceptional, safe, and family-like Home Care within the comfort of their cherished homes.

Our journey began with a resolute purpose - to empower individuals and their loved ones by facilitating an environment that preserves the warmth and security of their homes. This mission took root in the compassionate care Chad Schiebel, owner, provided for his own mother in Hamilton, Indiana. Through this deeply personal experience, he recognized the need for a higher standard of care, one that was both professional and caring, and so Hamilton Home Care, serving Hamilton, Indiana and the surrounding areas, was born.

A cornerstone of our distinctiveness lies in the wealth of nursing expertise held by Chad's wife, Amber, whose nearly 20 years of nursing experience in Indiana, is the cornerstone of our caregiving approach. This invaluable knowledge ensures our caregivers receive rigorous training that translates into quality Private Care with both clinical precision and heartfelt empathy.

As local owners living in the same community as the clients we serve in Northeast Indiana, we're not just a business; we're part of the fabric of our neighborhood in Steuben County, Indiana. This local connection underscores our commitment to delivering the highest quality Home Care, rooted in genuine community bonds in Dekald County, Noble County, and Lagrange County, Indiana.

With our doors open to your needs 24/7, we're always accessible to address concerns, answer questions, and provide the Senior Home Assistance you require. We understand that every individual and their situation is unique. Our approach is deeply personalized, extending to both our clients and their caregivers in Northeast Indiana.

Our array of services, which encompass Personal Care, Homemaking, and Companion Assistance Services, reflects our holistic approach to enhancing lives. From aiding with Housekeeping Care tasks to fostering meaningful engagement and facilitating appointments around Pleasant Lake, Long Lake, and Big Turkey Lake, our services are tailored to enrich lives and promote well-being.

At Hamilton Home Care, our focus on quality and the reassurance of local ownership sets us apart as a premier Home Care Agency. We invite you to connect with us at (260) 466-9069 or [email protected] to embark on a journey toward elevated well-being and comfort for you and your loved ones across Ashley, Butler, Hudson, and other areas we serve including Otter Lake, Lake Gage, Lake James, Golden Lake, Snow Lake, Jimmerson Lake, Crooked Lake, Clear Lake, Ball Lake, Fox Lake, and Silver Lake.

Our Care Approach: Nurturing Every Moment

Within the heart of Hamilton Home Care lies a profound commitment to delivering care that transcends the ordinary. We recognize that each person's journey is unique, prompting us to forge a care approach that's as distinctive as it is compassionate. From the very outset of your journey with us, you'll sense a profound difference - it's a care that extends beyond mere tasks, encompassing the fostering of meaningful connections, the promotion of overall well-being, and an unwavering respect for the dignity of each individual. 
At the core of our philosophy are personalized care plans. We're steadfast in the belief that you're more than a set of needs; you're a unique individual with a life story, preferences, and dreams. Our caregivers invest time to understand your distinctive requirements, crafting care plans that align seamlessly with your comfort and well-being.
Our care goes beyond the functional - it's about compassionate companionship. Beyond daily tasks, our caregivers are here to engage in genuine conversations, share in hobbies, and provide a friendly presence. We recognize the profound importance of human connection in enhancing well-being, and our commitment lies in nurturing relationships that illuminate your days.

Our Comprehensive Services: Enhancing Every Aspect of Life

Hamilton Home Care is more than just a caregiving service - we're your partners in promoting holistic well-being and enhancing the quality of life. Our range of comprehensive services is designed to address every aspect of your needs, ensuring that you receive the support you require to lead a fulfilling and comfortable life within the sanctuary of your own home.

Client Safety

At Hamilton Home Care, we pride ourselves on keeping our clients safe. 

Background Checks

All employees must pass an extensive background check prior to employment.


All employees receive training in the classroom and on the job. The training provided exceeds the State of Indiana licensure requirements.


Our goal is to provide each client with regularly assigned home care aides.

24-7 Availability

Hamilton Home Care management can be reached by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How Can We Help You?

Thank you for considering Hamilton Home Care, as your trusted partner in providing exceptional care and support. We value your interest and look forward to addressing any questions or inquiries you may have. Our dedicated team is here to assist you in navigating the range of services we offer, tailoring them to meet your unique needs and preferences.